UJU Pure Honey Gummy Sweeties

Uju – The Zulu word for ‘honey’

Our Uju Pure Honey Gummies use honey that is sourced locally and responsibly from Africa’s honeybees. Each bee nobly journeys up to 12km per day, with a single hive of bees traveling the distance between the earth and the moon daily. The humble miracle is that, after a lifetime of tireless work, each bee produces just one tablespoon of honey. So, make sure to fully enjoy each Uju Gummy!

Uju Pure Honey Gummies are a delicious and satisfying treat without any guilt! They have a delicious and addictive texture somewhere between Turkish Delights and normal gummy sweets.

Vegetarian, Halaal certified and free from cane sugar, gelatine, colourants, flavourants, preservatives, gluten, dairy and all the nasties, it is the perfect treat for the whole family and makes an ideal gift and kiddos lunchbox snack.

We currently have three flavours: Original, Ginger and Almond all using high quality, natural ingredients.

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